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The New York Giants are an American football club that competes at the professional level and calls the New York metropolitan region home.

The New York Giants are the sole survivor of the original set of five clubs that entered the National Football League in 1925. The other four teams have since folded.

With eight NFL championships under its belt, the club is now ranked third among all NFL franchises. Their total of championships is third most in the NFL, behind only that of the Green Bay Packers (13) and the Chicago Bears (9).

The New York Football Giants are an American football club that competes in the National Football League. They represent the city of New York (NFL).

The “New York National League Football Company, Inc.” was the original name of the franchise when it was established in 1929; it was renamed into its current moniker in 1937.

The squad is also known by a number of other names, such as “Big Blue,” the “G-Men,” and the “Jints,” which is an intentionally garbled form of the contraction found in the previous sentence.

When did the Giants move to New Jersey?

Reports indicate that the Giants relocated to New Jersey in 1976.