Do Steelers fans travel well?

Fans of the Pittsburgh Steelers frequently mention how well-traveled they are. The Cowboys and Packers are also among the few NFL clubs with a fanbase that is national in scope, and Pittsburgh’s away game against the Arizona Cardinals was a prime example of this.

Although it’s commonly known that Pittsburgh Steelers supporters enjoy traveling, this seems to be especially true whenever they face the Los Angeles Chargers. In 2019, Steelers supporters occupied the Chargers’ soccer stadium, and it will happen once more on Sunday.

Steelers Fans

Steelers supporters have descended upon Los Angeles this weekend, and it is obvious that they had no trouble securing tickets to the game. It sounded like the Black and Yellow were playing at home.

According to Pittsburgh Post-Gazette beat reporter Ray Fittipaldo, there were 80-20 Steelers supporters. It was, according to Al Michaels, around 65 percent Steelers supporters.

While the Cardinals play at State Farm Stadium, which has a capacity of 64,000. Since leaving Sun Devil Stadium, the Cardinals have generally been able to retain the bulk of the home team’s support, even though they frequently struggle to keep out visiting fans. Well, on Sunday, the stadium appeared as shown.

The Los Angeles Chargers’ home stadium at Dignity Health Sports Park has already been totally taken over by Steelers supporters, but that space only has 27,000 seats. Additionally, every visiting fans takes over Dignity Health Sports Park, let’s face it.