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How Tall Is Ethan Roberts?

Ethan Roberts’s height is 1.78 m


Roberts could be the closest prospect to making the major league roster for a team in desperate need of pitching help.

If you look at his numbers, Roberts will remain a reliever for the rest of the season, unlike the rest of the team’s farm system, which is stacked with starters.

Besides being dependable, Roberts earned his position on the 40-man roster just as much as Velazquez did.

It’s hard to imagine a pitcher with a 5-foot-9 frame being taken in the fourth round of an MLB draft.

That is not the end of his story; he is the first person from his hometown in over 25 years to play Division I collegiate baseball.

Since then, Roberts’ fastball has increased from 90 MPH to 95 MPH, which is significantly beyond the current benchmark in today’s game.

A fan base focused on increasing the velocity of their pitching staff may be less inclined to take a chance on Roberts, given the Cubs’ stated goal.

In spite of this, the figures don’t lie and can support his performance, which he continues to be excellent with. As a minor league reliever, his strikeout-to-walk ratio is about 10 per nine innings, which is great.

Roberts has appeared in 94 games in three minor league seasons, all as a reliever, and has a record of 8-7 with a 3.09 ERA.

Additionally, Roberts has 17 career saves in 24 chances, while also walking 33 batters and striking out 139 others over the course of 128 innings pitched.

Based on such figures, one would expect Roberts to be a hard-throwing pitcher capable of destroying hitters.

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