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A talented cornerback with a wealth of experience from his time at Troy and Houston, Marcus Jones is a solid option for your team. Despite his short stature, he has proven himself capable of performing adequately at both slot and outside cornerback.

Jones has contributed to the special teams by returning kicks and punts for touchdowns and yards. Jones, who plays cornerback, is a tenacious player who displays impressive physicality when he is forced to take on blockers.

A sharp performer with a keen eye for detail and lightning reflexes. He plays the run like his hair is on fire, reacting appropriately and using the leverage at his disposal. He makes safe, decisive tackles and seeks to take down ball carriers by their legs.

Coverage-wise, his slot position is where he shines. He’s patient and has a strong lateral movement for a two-way go, so it’s clear he’s at home in the vacuum of space. On the outside, he may be tentative, second-guessing his eyes and giving up on completions when he should be fighting for them.

He excels at playing short and medium routes via the reception point but has trouble with deeper developing routes. He isn’t physically capable of going toe-to-toe with bigger receivers on long routes, thus he frequently gets knocked off the route or gets flagged for being too aggressive.

Given his size and agility, Jones has the potential to improve as a slot defender at the professional level. He will be used as a backup in the NFL despite his outside experience. He has the potential to carve out a niche for himself as a developmental player at the next level.

What Marcus Jones Brings To The Table

  • A flexible athlete with an excellent hip swivel.
  • Able to sprint out of breaks and has quick feet
  • Quickness to meet downfield receivers.
  •  Uses good leverage and physicality when engaging in blockades.
  •  A wrap tackler with excellent tackle security.