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Mitch Garver is rated 78 out of 100 on MLB The Show 22.

Garver, who was by far the greatest hitting catcher in 2019 (157 OPS+), replaced a platoon of No. 9 hitters at catcher for the Rangers.

Mitch Garver
Mitch Garver

Garver, 31, has a 138 OPS+ and a .292 isolated power, or ISO, which measures a player’s raw power, since that year (extra-base hits divided by at-bats).

Garver is not a one-dimensional bopper, despite his power; according to Statcast, he is in the 93rd percentile in framing. Garver’s health is a concern, given he is under contract for two more seasons.

Injury to his groin, rib cage, and lower back limited him to just 68 games last season.

Garver has been a force over the previous three seasons, especially when it comes to making strong contact.

He has the fifth-best well-hit average (hits with an exit velocity of 95 mph or more) and the second-best versus left-handed pitchers in the game.

Garver has had a similar slash line (.254/.348/.546) since the start of the season, despite missing only three games more than his center fielder.

He, like Buxton, lost a significant chunk of the 2021 season due to a freak accident, when a foul-tip put him in the most inconvenient position possible.

For more than six weeks, he sat on the bench, or even in a bucket of ice, as a result of that devastating strike. Buxton missed eight weeks last season after being hit by a pitch and breaking a tiny bone in his hand.


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