What Team Is Dane Belton On: What Is Dane Belton’s Position? What Is Dane Belton Jersey Number?

Safety Dane Belton, an active member of the American football team, was born on December 7, 2000. Currently, he is a player for the New York Giants of the National Football League (NFL).

He played collegiate football there while attending Iowa College. Belton was reared in Tampa, Florida, where he also attended Jesuit High School during his senior year of high school.

He spent his formative years here as well. Three-star talent Belton chose to play collegiate football at Iowa despite receiving over 25 scholarship offers from other universities.

As a junior, Belton’s 46 tackles, three tackles for loss and seven pass breakups earned him a spot on the first team as an All-Big Ten Conference players.

Belton was chosen as an All-Big Ten Conference player as a result of this. Following the season’s end, he disclosed that he will be putting his name up for the NFL Draft the following year, in 2022.

Belton started four of the eight games he participated in during his rookie season as a professional. The New York Giants selected Belton with the 114th overall choice in the fourth round of the 2022 NFL Draft.

The fourth round was represented by this position. On August 1, 2022, while in the middle of training camp, Belton fractured his clavicle.

What Is Dane Belton’s Position?

Dane Belton plays safety for the New York Giants in American football. Defensive backs ten to fifteen yards off the line of scrimmage make up the safeties.

Their roles might shift from cornerback to linebacker depending on the defensive formation.

What Is Dane Belton’s Jersey Number?

Dane Belton is a safety for the New York Giants and plays American football for the team. He is a member of the Giants and wears jersey number 24.