Cionel Perez Scouting Report and Prospect Ranking

Cionel Perez Prospect Ranking

Cionel Perez is ranked as the No. 16 Prospect on the Astro list

Cionel Perez Scouting Report

Age: 22

Highest Level: MLB

73.2 IP, 2.08 ERA, 2.77 FIP, 10.87 K/9, 3.42 Bb/9, .215 BAA


Unlike Corbin Martin, lefty Cionel Perez has a simple setup and delivery, which means that repeating his mechanics isn’t a hassle for the Astros.

He combines four pitches, with three of them grading either above average or above average. He throws a fastball in the 92-96 range, with a peak velocity of 98.

His fastball was intriguing, exhibiting sinker shape frequently early in the count, but on multiple times I noticed a fastball he employed as a putaway pitch high in the zone, which received terrible flailing swings.

His finest secondary pitch was a low-80s slider with a tight break, and he also throws a changeup that flashes great moments when used off the fastball against right-handers.

He also throws a loopy curveball. Perez’s height is the most difficult challenge to overcome.

You may expect him to fill in the gaps between starts and relief roles, making spot starts, pitching the longer legs of bullpen games, or providing multi-inning relief.

In many respects, Perez couldn’t have arrived in the majors at a better time. In light of the changing methods to bullpens, guys such as Perez are well suited to play crucial roles for opposing clubs.

In 2019, he should prove to be a crucial member of the Astros’ bullpen. ETA for completion: 2019.