What is America’s favorite football team?

The Cowboys are the most valued sports franchise in the country, per Forbes. The magazine reported the franchise’s value to be $1.65 billion, ranking behind the only soccer institution Manchester United in the world.

An NFL press release states that the Cowboys’ Thanksgiving Day loss to the New Orleans Saints, which drew 31.9 million people, was the season’s most-watched television show.

What is America's favorite football team?
What is America’s favorite football team?

The Cowboys’ Dec. 12 loss to the Philadelphia Eagles had the highest audience ever for a Sunday night game (25.73 million viewers).

And those two games came with the Cowboys, who always get the maximum number of prime-time games allowed by league rules, well out of playoff contention.

According to the Harris Poll, among American sports fans during the previous four years, the Cowboys have been the most well-liked NFL club.

The Dallas Cowboys have won 10 conference crowns, yet they aren’t interested in division titles despite their five championship victories (they have a whopping 21). The Dallas Cowboys are competing for fan favor.

To everybody else’s goth freak, the Cowboys are the prom queen. (No, I don’t mind the goth look.) In terms of national, mainstream popularity, the Cowboys easily surpass the Packers and the Steelers if values are ignored.

Cowboys supporters take great satisfaction in the enormous TV ratings, massive $1.2 billion stadiums and high value of the franchise. No, the Cowboys haven’t won a Lombardi in more than ten years but calling themselves “America’s Team” fits them perfectly.