Who Is The Best Chicago Cubs Player Ever?

You can debate this ranking all you want, but you can’t debate who is considered to be the best Cubs player ever. Banks had always been a Cub. Ernie played for 19 years, and 14 of those were all-star years. He received MVP honors back-to-back in 1958 and 1959.

The Cubs, one of the oldest sports organizations in American sporting history, has a storied past despite their unbroken drought of World Series failure dating back to 1908, a stretch that is unparalleled.

Who Is The Best Chicago Cubs Player Ever?
Who Is The Best Chicago Cubs Player Ever?

The Cubs had some of the best players in baseball history, including many Rookies of the Year, Cy Young Award winners, MVPs, and Hall of Famers.

Ernie Banks, a shortstop for the Chicago Cubs, is one of their best players ever. Despite the fact that Banks, the first Black player in Cubs history, never participated in a postseason game, the fans still hold him in high regard.

In recognition of Banks’ achievements both on and off the field, there is a statue of him outside Wrigley Field.

However aside from Banks, there are a lot of Cub players from the franchise’s early years on this list. One of baseball’s most illustrious records is held by Hack Wilson: the most RBIs in a season.

Wilson hit 56 home runs and helped score a mind-boggling 191 runs in 1930. Even though Sammy Sosa later surpassed Wilson’s home run record, his efforts earned him a spot on this list of the greatest Chicago Cubs ever.