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Nothing is more difficult or contentious than ranking the fan bases of each NFL franchise. Someone has to be the first. And, much to the chagrin of their followers, someone has to come last. It’s nearly hard to compare the noise made by one team to the attendance of another.

What NFL team has the smallest fan base?

An ESPN story ranked Arizona Cardinals supporters as the worst in the NFL prior to the 2008 season. That season, the club made it to the Super Bowl.

Arizona Cardinals
Arizona Cardinals

When the franchise was established in Arizona in 1988, every fan in the Phoenix area already had a team, which is the problem with Cardinals supporters. They were primarily Dallas Cowboys supporters.

Kurt Warner led the team for a wonderful two-year stretch, but endless losing seasons have irrevocably stifled the Cardinals fan base.

Jerry Jones could anticipate having eight home games, seven road games, and one de facto home game when his team went to Phoenix to play Cowboys West during the time the Cardinals and Dallas Cowboys shared the NFC East.

Back when the Cardinals played at Sun Devil Stadium in Tempe and the team was mainly poor, you could understand the disinterest of Cardinals supporters. In the first 20 seasons of the franchise’s existence in the desert, there was only one postseason appearance.

But the Cardinals have been on the verge of being good since 2006.

They acquired a brand-new stadium for themselves, although in Glendale, won their division a couple of times, came within two minutes of defeating the powerful Steelers in Super Bowl XLIII and even selected and kept Larry Fitzgerald, a lock for the Hall of Fame.

Fans don’t appear to care despite these successes and Kyler Murray’s promise.