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Jahmai Jones Prospect Ranking

Jahmai Jones is ranked No. 13 on the Orioles Prospect Rankings

Age: 23 yr
Height: 6-0
Weight: 204 lbs
Hits/Throws: R/R
Acquired: 2015 Draft, Round 2
RuleV: On 40-Man Roster

Physical Description

Overall body strength and a solid, compact frame. Athlete bloodlines. Extremely athletic For a man of his size, he has a solid physique with no projection. Competitor, put in long hours.


Hands high at the head somewhat closed stance. With feet shoulder-width apart, maintain a slight forward lean.

With only a modest toe tap, the hand load is minimal. With a linear course, average bat speed.

Demonstrates the ability to utilize the entire playing field. Bat-to-ball abilities are excellent.

A patient hitter with excellent strike zone understanding. Too many groundballs due to infrequent quality contact. Inside, FB outspins him and he struggles with advanced spin. 45th class


Raw power on the fringes. The game’s power is reduced by the approach and bat route. The pull-side has a lot of power.

Demonstrates the ability to make mistakes and learn from them. For his XBH, he’ll have to rely on gap detection and quickness. 40 points


Able to deal with everyday situations. Strong grip. On GB, he waits. Slow release, but rapid pivots show promise.

Athleticism makes up for the absence of footwork now. Both sides of the spectrum are well covered. Still learning how to play INF. 40 points


Has a below-average velocity and occasionally lacks proper carry. Allows for no highlight-reel moments. The Arms slot is high, and the angle is rarely changed. On target the majority of the time. 40 points


Run at a rate that is faster than usual. Strides that are both long and forceful. It does a good job of breaking out from the confines of its box.

Defense rushes because of this rapidity. Soft groundballs can be turned into infield hits if you have the ability. Needs to improve his ability to transition to SB. 55 points


Jones is undeniably athletic in the grand scheme of things. It’s why he’s been able to move positions and go through various swing adjustments despite the fact that he doesn’t have any distinguishing tools.

With his patience and bat-to-ball skills, he has the potential to be a marginally above-average hitter. To eliminate the overabundance of poor groundballs, he must make more consistent quality contact.

Due to a lack of loft and a groundball strategy, this bat will not offer much power. When attempting to lift the ball, he found it difficult.

Gaps and above-average speed could be used to produce XBH. He needs to figure out how to turn stolen bases into speed.

Defensively, there’s a lot to learn, but reps will help. Arm strength is lacking, although the position is playable. He’ll be serviceable on the dirt because of his athleticism. Probably a utility or bench player.

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