What Is Tyler Badie Salary: How Much Does Tyler Badie Make?

Tyler Badie

During the course of the 2022 draft weekend, the Baltimore Ravens were successful in securing an amazing rookie class consisting of 11 players.

They selected the best available talents on the board in some scenarios while also drafting based on necessity in other situations, adding potential stars on both the offensive and defensive sides of the ball.

Tyler Badie
Tyler Badie

The Baltimore Ravens will now be responsible for signing the players they selected in this year’s draft, and on Thursday, the sixth-round running back Tyler Badie, became the team’s first rookie to sign a contract.

He begins what we are praying will be a speedy process of getting all 11 rookies signed to contracts in a timely manner that is affordable.

As a freshman, Badie was a member of the Southeastern Conference (SEC) All-Freshman team. He finished the season with 89 carries for 437 yards and two touchdowns, and he finished with 809 yards all-purpose. Badie’s accomplishments earned him a spot on the team.

He also led Missouri with 32 receptions, which he completed for 356 yards and five touchdowns, and he carried for 457 yards.

Badie rushed for 242 yards on 48 tries as a junior and scored four touchdowns. In addition, he caught 28 receptions for 333 yards and scored two scores during that season.

How Much Does Tyler Badie Make?

Tyler Badie makes an average of $958,655 per year. Badie will earn a base salary of $705,000 and a signing bonus of $174,620 in 2022, with a cap hit of $748,655.