Why is KC Wolf The Chiefs mascot?

Due to their tight relationship with the team they represent, some NFL mascots are clearly identified.

The Atlanta Falcons, for instance, have a falcon as their logo, whereas the Buffalo Bills have a buffalo. On game days, the Kansas City Chiefs are represented by a wolf.

The KC Wolf is a common sight at the goalposts and throughout the stadium, both for spectators and home fans.

But why is a wolf the Chiefs’ mascot given the animal is not indigenous to the Midwest and sightings are uncommon?

Why is KC Wolf The Chiefs mascot?

Since 1989, when the previous Chiefs mascot was retired, KC Wolf has served as the team’s official representative.

The previous name for this horse was Warpaint, and it depicted an individual riding a horse while dressed in traditional Native American garb.

It was decided that this would be disrespectful to the Native American population, so it was stopped.

Furthermore, it was probably not a good idea to keep a living animal in a noisy, strange setting.

The leaders of the team came to the conclusion that the Chiefs should have a new mascot, and they chose the KC Wolf.

The Chiefs mascot can typically be seen cheering the fans on while decked up in Chiefs attire and urging them on during crucial junctures.