Carlos Correa Height: How Tall Is Carlos Correa?

Shortstop In the sign-stealing incident involving the Houston Astros, All-Star shortstop Carlos Correa has been implicated.

Astros first-round amateur draft selection in 2012, Carlos became the first-ever Puerto Rican player to be selected in his position.

However, Correa’s selection, even in a draft when the top pick had not been much discussed, was regarded as a bit of an underdog.

They likened him to Alex Rodriguez as a youngster and center fielder Carlos Beltran, the best Puerto Rican position player in the last two decades, in late exercises before the selection.

When Major League Baseball launched its “Rebirth of Baseball in the Cities” initiative, it spawned a player like Correa.

His participation in the RBI program began at the age of 10, and most recently he was a student at the Urban Youth Academy’s Puerto Rico Branch in the Dominican Republic. Two other players picked later in the draft, including Jesmuel Valentin, were also involved.

Correa, in contrast to the majority of top picks in recent years, quickly came to an agreement.

Crane announced on June 6th that he had reached a verbal agreement with the youngster just two days after the draft and that the formal announcement would only come after a physical exam, which would put him on track to sign and participate in a pre-game workout the next day.

His reported signing bonus was $4.2 million, considerably less than the $7.2 million target set by MLB for the top pick in the draft.

How Tall Is Carlos Correa?

Carlos Correa stands at a height of  1.93 m.