Juan Then Contract, Salary and Net Worth

Juan, who was added to the 40-man roster ahead of the 2021 season and appeared to be on a fast track to the Majors, was cited by Mariners GM Jerry Dipoto as the pitcher who had improved the most within the organization last year.

His subsequent season was all the more perplexing as a result of that kind of projection. In 14 starts for High A Everett, he stumbled to a 6.46 ERA and stayed there the entire season.

The fact that Juan’s solid slider was still hitting 97 mph with 59 strikeouts in 54 1/3 innings shows that the Mariners still have faith in his ability to produce quality results.

Juan Then

He left a lot of pitches over the plate and occasionally seemed to be throwing too many strikes, which contributed to his 1.601 WHIP.

He found himself using his fastball frequently in hitters’ counts despite the fact that it misses bats and has good riding life when it is at its best.

The best out pitch for Juan is a hard slider, but he couldn’t get to it frequently enough. Although he occasionally throws it with conviction and it is frequently too firm, he has a changeup that occasionally shows signs of being a good pitch.

Juan, who is only 22 years old, has high-90s velocities, which keeps him intriguing. He is on the 40-man roster, though, so his situation will be more urgent in 2022.

Juan Then Contract

Juan Then joined the Seattle Mariners in 2016 in a contract worth  $77,500. He has been with the team for a period of 5 years

Juan Then Salary

Juan Then has not been added to the Seattle Mariners 2022 payroll. He was however paid $77,500 as an average salary in 2016

Juan Then Net Worth

Juan Then net worth is not available