What Is Didi Gregorius Salary: How Much Does Make?

Mariekson Julius “Didi” Gregorius, OON is a Major League Baseball shortstop for the Philadelphia Phillies in the Netherlands.

He has previously played for the Cincinnati Reds, Arizona Diamondbacks, and New York Yankees in Major League Baseball.

Didi Gregorius says he plans to wear a mask during games – Phillies Nation

Major League Baseball has proposed a luxury tax threshold of $214 million for the first year of a new collective bargaining agreement, according to USA Today’s Gabe Lacques and Bob Nightengale.

According to Destiny Lugardo of Phillies Nation, if such a proposition were to become a reality, the Phillies would have $32,047,052 leftover to spend.

When you consider the Phillies still need to add a starting left fielder, a starting center fielder, bullpen depth, and a bench, that money might disappear quickly.

Dombrowski could come up with a clever strategy to get rid of some or all of Didi Gregorius’ $14.5 million contract in 2022, which will count as $14 million towards the luxury tax threshold.

That may mean moving Gregorius  who had a.639 OPS and -10 defensive runs saved in 2021  for a warm minor league body and hope that the acquiring team will cover at least half of his 2022 salary.

Another option is to trade Gregorius for a deal that is now viewed as undesirable, with the hope that whoever you land has a greater chance of having a rebound season in 2022.


How Much Does Didi Gregorius Make?

Didi Gregorius makes an annual average salary of $14,000,000