Who Is Bo Bichette Mother?

Bo Joseph Bichette is an American professional baseball shortstop for the Toronto Blue Jays of Major League Baseball visit was born on March 5th, 1998 in Orlando Florida.

It is known that Bichette is the son of four times MLB All-Star outfielder Dante Bichette and Mariana Bichette. The couple had met during the 1991 season when Dante was playing against the Boston Red Sox with the Milwaukee Brewers as an outfielder.

Dante had entered a Gold’s Gym nestled across the Fenway Park on Lansdowne  Street where Mariana Peng was working her first day at Gold’s.

Who Is Bo Bichette Mother?
Who Is Bo Bichette Mother?

Mariana was a student at Boston University who also worked at a bar on the same street. She didn’t know who Dante was at first but made him a few protein shakes and showed him around the gym after which she left an impression. Dante later asked Mariana and her manager to come to the game that day and they obliged, showing up to cheer him.

When asked about how the couple had met, she said in an interview with the MLB Reports, Jonathan Hacohen that “I was about 45 minutes late and I was literally minutes away from not meeting him. Dante was walking out as I was walking in. The rest is history . We were married two years later “.

The couple had their first son  Dante Bichette Jr in 1992 and had Bo six years later in Orlando Florida. Bo is named after Bo Jackson,  a famous football player. Both Dante Jr and Bo came out as baseball players following in their father’s steps.

Marian is a native of Porto Alegre, Brazil, and was born to Brazillian parents who later emigrated to China. She came to America where she studied at the Boston University which according to reports took her 10 years to complete. It was while she was a student at Boston that she met Dante.