Helcris Olivarez Age: How Old Is Helcris Olivarez?

Just over a month into the 2016–17 international signing season, the Rockies signed Olivarez for just $65,000. The left-hander made gradual progress, spending two full summers and a portion of a third in the Dominican Summer League.

In the rookie-level Pioneer League when he finally arrived in the United States in 2019, he displayed his impressive skills and poor command.

Helcris Olivarez
Helcris Olivarez

The southpaw pitched well at the club’s alternative site in 2020, earning a spot on the 40-man roster, but struggled in 2021 after moving up to High-A baseball.

Nothing is amiss with the 6-foot-3 southpaw’s repertoire. His fastball easily reaches the mid-90s, and he pairs it with a power curve that, given more time, may develop into a plus-out pitch.

His changeup, which he throws with good arm speed, ought to be a reliable third pitch for him. His powerful, physical build underpins each pitch he makes.

Olivarez developed a delivery that was difficult to replicate as he quickly filled out into that frame; he would cross over one time and fly open the next.

He didn’t pitch in any games during the autumn semester at school; instead, he worked on his delivery, timing, and approach to the plate. He has a chance to turn things around if he can use that together with his arm slot.

How Old Is Helcris Olivarez?

Helcris Olivarez is 21 years old. He was born on August 8, 2000.