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In order for the regular season to begin on March 31 as planned, Major League Baseball said that the owners and players’ union had until Monday to reach a new collective bargaining agreement.

A new CBA wasn’t in place before the deadline, but it’s possible that the league and players are close to a settlement.

They’ll try again on Tuesday when the season officially begins. The lockout voted on unanimously by MLB owners persists, delaying the start of spring training from the beginning.

It’s impossible for teams to change their 40-man rosters and interact with the players they have on board.

Right-hander Logan Gillaspie rounds out the list, as he was the only one the Orioles chose to keep off the Rule 5 draft list by signing him in November.

A former independent league catcher, Gillaspie, was displaying his high 90s fastball in the Arizona Fall League at the same time.

While his results weren’t very remarkable during his brief time with the Orioles, it’s clear that the team didn’t want him to go for another team.

In 2021, Logan Gillaspie pitched for High-A Aberdeen and Double-A Bowie, compiling a 4.97 ERA, 41 2/3 innings, 52 strikeouts, a 1.320 WHIP, a 29.2% K-to-BB ratio, and a 6.2 percent walk rate.

Logan Gillaspie Height: How Tall is Logan Gillaspie?

Logan Gillaspie is 6′ 2″/1.88 m tall

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