Efraín Contreras Age: How Old Is Efraín Contreras?

In the lower leagues for seven seasons, Efrain Contreras once had the highest OPS in his division.

The Cincinnati Reds’ Felix Delgado signed Contreras. For Cagua in his first professional outing, the Venezuelan Summer League in 2004, he batted .271/?/.316.

Efraín Contreras
Efraín Contreras

The next season, he struggled for the VSL Reds, hitting just .238/.331/.320. Although he played error-free outfield baseball in 2006, he improved to .287/.398/.451.

With five home runs and a 7th-place OPS, he tied for tenth place in the Venezuelan League.

He played for the DSL Reds (.378/.440/.467 in 12 G) and the VSL Devil Rays/Reds in 2007. His 2007 stats for both teams were .315/.414/.510, 11 HR, 54 R, 25 SB, and 5 CS in 65 games.

He was a top player in the VSL in terms of average (10th), on-base percentage (7th), slugging (1st by.006 over Jose Rivero), on-base percentage (OPS) (1st by 10 over Rivero), runs (tied for second with Cesar Fuentes), hits (76, tied for 4th with Fuentes), doubles (14, tied for 5th), home runs (tied for second with Rivero), and steals (tied for second with (tied for 4th).

When he moved to the United States in 2008, he played in 37 games for the GCL Reds, hitting .271/.353/.395 with 30 RBI, and went 5 for 30 for the Sarasota Reds, along with a double, home run, and a walk.

For the 2009 Billings Mustangs, he had the highest OPS of any starter on the team that finished last, producing at a rate of .301/.395/.412.

In 2009–2010, his only appearance in the Venezuelan Season League through the winter of 2014–2015, he went 0 for 7 with a run for the Caribes de Anzoategui.

How Old Is Efraín Contreras?

Efraín Contreras  is 35 years old. He was born on February 6, 1987.