What Is Duane Brown Salary: How Much Does Duane Brown Make?

Duane Brown

Thanks to Field Yates of ESPN, information about Duane Brown, the new Jets left tackle, has been made public.

In order to reduce the cap expenses, notably in the first year of the contract, the Jets also added three vacant years to the contract. As a result, the $7.88 million cap impact may be stretched over five years rather than just two for the Jets.

Brown will therefore only count $3.696 million toward the cap in 2022. Thanks to the $9 million basic salary, the cap impact increases to $11.576 million in 2023.

Duane Brown
Duane Brown

Theoretically, the Jets could release Brown after this season and save around $5.2 million in salary space while only having dead money of $6.304 million.

The Jets will have $4.728 million in dead money as a result of the voided years in 2024 because the remaining cap hits from those years will accelerate to that year.

This is an uncommon transaction for the Jets, as ESPN’s Rich Cimini noted on Twitter. They frequently ignore vacant years on contracts. In this example, Brown’s cap hit for 2022 would have been $6.06 million ($3.94 million signing bonus charge) if the Jets had not added vacant years.

How Much Does Duane Brown Make?

Duane Brown earns an average of $10,000,000 per year. In 2022, Brown’s base salary will be $1,120,000. He will also get a signing bonus of $7,880,000 and a roster bonus of $1,000,000. His cap hit will be $3,696,000.