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After an interesting collegiate career, Wieland was signed by the Patriots as a free agent rookie when he entered the National Football League.

He was a three-year starter for his high school team and had a commitment to play linebacker at Iowa before he tore his quadriceps as a freshman in 2017.

Wieland transferred to Iowa Western Community College after failing to make an appearance with the Hawkeyes. He moved again two years later, this time to Grand View.

Nate Wieland
Nate Wieland

After two promising years in the NAIA, Wieland made the jump to the professional ranks. Unfortunately, he was passed over in the 2022 draft and forced to enter the league as a free agent.

A tryout at New England’s rookie minicamp went nothing, and he didn’t get signed until early August. By that time, Wieland had decided to join the Patriots.

Since then, he has been featured in various training cam workouts and even got some game time in the team’s preseason debut. However, it is the extent of his professional background.

In early August, the Patriots signed Wieland to a regular three-year undrafted rookie agreement after inviting him to their rookie minicamp and subsequent free agency workout.

With no signing incentives or any guarantees in his pact, Wieland is paid an annual non-guaranteed salary of $705,000, which also serves as his cap figure.

This means that New England is not required to include Wieland’s salary in their cap right now because his contract does not meet the criteria for Top-51 classification.

Nate Wieland Contract and Salary

New England Patriots Linebacker Nate Wieland signed a three-year, $2,560,000 contract at an average annual salary of $853,333. Wieland’s cap hit in 2022 is $705,000 and his base salary is $705,000.

Nate Wieland Net Worth

In 2022, Nate Wieland’s net worth is projected to be around $500,000 dollars

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