Clayton Kershaw Parents: Meet Christopher and Mariane Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw is an American professional baseball pitcher for the Los Angeles Dodgers of Major League Baseball (MLB). Kershaw has played 14 seasons in the major leagues since he appeared in 2008.

He is an eight-time All-Star, three-time National League (NL) Cy Young Award victor, and the 2014 NL Most Valuable Player.

His 2.49 vocation acquired run normal (ERA) and 1.00 strolls in addition to hits per inning pitched rate (WHIP) are the most reduced among starters in the live-ball period (least 1,000 innings pitched).

Kershaw has vocation hits permitted per nine innings pitched at a normal of 6.78, the second-most reduced in MLB history.

He has been depicted for a lot of his career as the best pitcher in baseball, and probably the best pitcher ever. Kershaw was drafted seventh overall in the 2006 MLB draft.

He managed the Dodgers’ homestead framework in only one full season and arrived at the majors at 20 years of age. When he debuted in 2008, he was the most youthful player in MLB, a title he held for one entire year.

Clayton Kershaw Parents: Meet Christopher and Mariane Kershaw

Clayton’s Kershaw parents divorced when he was 10, and he was raised by his mother.

Christopher George Kershaw, an artist, was the dad of Clayton Kershaw. He was born on May 24, 1949, and died in the year 2013.

He set off for college at Southern Methodist University and produced his first music at the age of 18. He likewise won the Clio scholarship for his work in music.

He had a profound bond with his sister and Clayton’s auntie Joanne Margaret Brockman.

Marianne Tombaugh is the mother of Clayton who is Clyde Tombaugh’s niece.

Clayton is the lone offspring of his folks and has no kin. He got hitched to Ellen Melson in 2010 and they have a little girl named Cali Ann who was brought into the world in the year 2015.