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Currently, Jack Driscoll alternates between playing offensive tackle and guard for the National Football League’s Philadelphia Eagles. Prior to the Eagles selecting him in the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, he played college football for Auburn and UMass.

Driscoll, a 2-star recruit, chose to enroll at UMass rather than the Army. Before transferring as a graduate player to Auburn, where he played for the next two seasons, he played for UMass for three seasons.

He was selected to begin at right tackle, where he remained for two SEC seasons. He participated in the East-West All-Star Game.

In the fourth round of the 2020 NFL Draft, the Philadelphia Eagles selected Driscoll with the 145th overall pick. Driscoll made his professional debut on September 13, 2020, against the Washington Football Team.

He left the game on December 18, 2020, due to an unexplained injury, and was then placed on injured reserve. He started four games as a right tackle to conclude the season.

When it comes to dating, Driscoll has a beautiful girlfriend named Taylor. She was present when the football player’s family came together to watch the game together at their Madison, Connecticut, home with Taylor, Jack’s girlfriend, and some friends.

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