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Kenny Yeboah may have failed to make the draft cut because he didn’t have a strong collegiate career.

Despite this, the graduate of Ole Miss is an intriguing “move” tight end prospect. With his 6’4″ and 250-pound physique, he has the ability to work all over the formation and create mismatches.

Yeboah amassed 1,062 yards and 12 touchdowns while playing for two different colleges over the course of five seasons. He had a yardage average of 14.4 yards per reception.

Kenny Yeboah
Kenny Yeboah

Yeboah was a gamble that paid out for the New York Jets, and for good reason. Chris Herndon has a firm handle on the starting position, but behind him on the depth chart, there isn’t much else to talk about.

Instead, the team is getting set to start first-round pick, Zach Wilson at the center.

Although Yeboah isn’t much of a blocker, which could limit his usage, he is fantastic at contested catches and using his catch radius to his advantage. This makes him ideal for creating big highlights throughout training camp as well as carving out a place in the base offense.

How Much Does Kenny Yeboah Make?

Kenny Yeboah makes an average annual salary of $660,000. Yeboah will make an $825,000 base salary and have an $825,000 cap hit in 2022.