What Happened To Brent Honeywell?

As the Oaklands work to develop a new rotation for the 2022 season, they’ve suffered yet another setback this week.

According to Matt Kawahara of the S.F. Chronicle on Monday, pitcher Brent Honeywell has been placed on the disabled list because of an elbow ailment.

The right-hander “shall be shut down from pitching indefinitely,” according to Kawahara, after an MRI/CT scan on his elbow revealed an olecranon stress reaction (bone in the rear of the elbow).

Brent HoneywellBrent Honeywell
Brent Honeywell

In a career filled with setbacks, this is merely the most recent one for Honeywell.

Prior to making his MLB debut for Tampa Bay last summer, he lost three full seasons from 2018–20 due to four surgery on his elbow.

He was once a Top 20 prospect in the country for the Rays organization. He was acquired by the A’s in November, and he looked like a strong possibility to make the starting rotation that year.

But for the time being, that hope is destroyed. The extent of the injury and any potential rehabilitation timeframe is still unknown, but Honeywell is definitely out of the running for the Opening Day roster at the very least.

What Happened To Brent Honeywell?

Brent Honeywell has been sidelined with an elbow injury. A right-elbow MRI/CT scan revealed an olecranon stress reaction.