Adalberto Mondesi Wife: Is Adalberto Mondesi Married?

Major League Baseball shortstop Ral Adalberto Mondesi is a Dominican American player for the Kansas City Royals (MLB).

His World Series debut with the Royals against the New York Mets on October 30, 2015, was the first in modern MLB history.

Ral Mondesi, a former Major League Baseball player, is Mondesi’s father.  The Royals originally called him Adalberto when he joined them,

but he went by Ral Mondes (and in the media, he went by Ral A. Mondes and Ral Jr. Mondes) from 2015 to 2018.

After being conceived in Los Angeles while his father was a member of the Los Angeles Dodgers, he was born. The Dominican Republic is where he was raised as a kid.

Adalberto Mondesi was signed by the Kansas City Royals on July 27, 2011, and he received a $2 million signing bonus.

In 2012, he made his professional baseball debut with the Rookie Pioneer League team Idaho Falls Chukars.

He was regarded as one of the top prospects in baseball before the 2014 season.

He played Class AA Texas League baseball in 2015 with the Northwest Arkansas Naturals.

After batting.361 with four home runs and nine RBIs in 2016, Adalberto Mondesi was voted the Kansas City Royals’ Most Valuable Player (MV).

He made his Royals debut against the Cleveland Indians on September 1st.

Is Adalberto Mondesi Married?

We already know that most athletes are reluctant to discuss their personal lives.

It’s possible he’s married or not, but the public is aware he isn’t planning to be married anytime soon.