What is Josh Allen rookie card worth?

The highest price ever paid for a Josh Allen rookie card was this past weekend when it sold at auction for an astounding $312,000.

Allen is the quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. The world of sports cards, once believed to be a pandemic-fueled bubble, has now proven it’s here for the long haul in the world of expensive collectibles, and it’s not slowing down.

There are numerous factors that contribute to this card’s worth. The obvious is to say that Allen is expected to become one of the all-time great players.

Josh Allen rookie card sells for $312,000 at auction
Josh Allen rookie card sells for $312,000 at auction

Then there is a signed rookie card from 2018, just before the bubble truly burst, that is an of-10 rarity, which means that only 10 of these cards were produced and feature both Allen’s autograph and a piece of his jersey.

The next item is a patch, which is a piece of a jersey’s name or number. The highest PSA grade a card might receive is a gem mint 10, which you finally have.

Many cards can fall short in the grade, which is the last component. Often, cards might lose points for grades without the pack’s fault.

A card won’t receive a 10 rating if the centering wasn’t exactly when it was cut by the manufacturer or if there was a minor printing error during production.

Thus, for now, at least, this is the Holy Grail of Josh Allen playing cards.