Cameron Thomas Contract, Salary and Net Worth

The Arizona Cardinals have put contracts in place with all eight of the players they selected in the 2022 draft. Cameron Thomas, a defensive end from San Diego State who had been selected in the third round, was the final player to sign his contract.

He was chosen by the Cardinals as the first of two players to be drafted in the third round, and he was taken 87th overall.

Thomas was given a deal that is worth more than $5.1 million over a period of four years. He’s getting a $921,336 signing bonus.

He will begin his career with the minimum payment required by the league; however, beginning in 2022, his annual compensation will increase to an amount that is greater than the minimum.

The only money that is totally guaranteed under his contract is the signing bonus, which means that none of his pay is entirely guaranteed.

Due to the fact that Thomas’ signing bonus will be spread out over the course of his four-year contract, the cap hit for each of those years will be equal to a proportionately reduced amount of the total amount of his salary.

Cameron Thomas Contract

Cam Thomas agreed to terms with the Arizona Cardinals on a four-year, $5,144,337 contract that included a $921,336 signing bonus and a $921,336 guarantee.

Cameron Thomas Salary

Cameron Thomas earns an average of $1,286,084 per year. Thomas will get a base salary of $705,000 and a signing bonus of $921,336 in 2022. His cap hit will be $935,334 and he will have a dead cap value of $921,336.

Cameron Thomas Net Worth

Cameron Thomas has an estimated net worth of $1 million dollars