Mauricio Dubón Contract, Salary and Net Worth

Mauricio Andre Dubón is a Major League Baseball shortstop and center fielder from Honduras. In the 26th round of the 2013 MLB draft, the Boston Red Sox picked Dubón out of high school.

Dubón was born and raised in San Pedro Sula, Honduras, where he attended the Central American Liceo Bilingue. Dubón began to practice harder on the field at the age of 15 after a Christian baseball outreach group visited Honduras.

Mauricio Dubón 
Mauricio Dubón

After seeing Dubón play, the Capital Christian High School urged him to return to the United States with the group so he could improve his baseball talents while still in high school.

As a foreign exchange student, Dubón relocated to Sacramento, California.

Before being picked by Boston, he hit .509 with 23 doubles, 14 triples, eight home runs, and 81 RBIs in his junior and senior years at Capital Christian High School.

Baseball America regarded him as the top defensive prospect among the Red Sox draft picks from 2013.

Mauricio Dubón Contract

The San Francisco Giants have signed Mauricio Dubon to a one-year, $583,000 contract, with $583,000 guaranteed.

Mauricio Dubón Salary

Mauricio Dubon has an annual salary of $583,000 on average. Dubon will have a base pay of $583,000 in 2021, with a total salary of $583,000.

Mauricio Dubón  Net Worth

Mauricio Dubon has a  net worth estimation of $500,000