What happened to Nick Boyle?

On November 15, 2020, in Gillette Stadium, Nick Boyle suffered an injury to his left knee and was being taken off the field in the pouring rain. 

Boyle stated he felt numb when the injury occurred. As a result of his knee being “stuck in the turf and sideways,” he was unable to stand up.

The doctor performing his surgery warned Boyle that if the injury to his knee was too severe, it may mean the end of his career.

Nick Boyle

One of the toughest guys you’ll ever find, Boyle, was knocked unconscious by the pain he experienced after surgery.

Boyle is now back and ready to start the next phase of his career, with a new knee and some abs for the first time, which he takes great pride in.

Even though Boyle played again on the field last year, he was clearly hobbling. In terms of his playing ability, he realized he wasn’t even close to where he’d been.

His coaches now refer to him as “a new guy.” Since the start of the season, Boyle has shed 10 to 12 pounds, and his knee feels a lot better than it did before.

Boyle said this week during OTAs, “This whole process for me, going through this whole injury has been a lot.” “The key is to keep pushing forward every day. The way I feel right now is fantastic.”

In this process, Boyle collaborated closely with the Ravens’ medical team. He and his family made their permanent home in Baltimore, so he spent the whole offseason training at the Under Armour Performance Center to be ready for the upcoming season.