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On April 3, 1992, Damien was born in San Diego, California. Alexander’s Virleanna was his mother. Later, she gave birth to Xavier and Delvin, two additional brothers.

When Virleanna relocated from the Kearny Mesa region to El Cajon when Damien was about to enter ninth grade, she decided they needed a new beginning. At El Cajon Valley High, Damien was well-liked. He was a varsity football player, but his grades started to suffer.

Damien stated that he was less interested in academics and more focused on his social life and athletics. Damien enrolled in Kearny High when Alexander re-located the family. He gave up athletics for the entire year to focus on raising his GPA above 2.0.

For 12 years, Virleana Alexander has worked as a paralegal. A paralegal is a professional who performs tasks that require knowledge of legal concepts but not the full expertise of a lawyer.  Since she joined our team in 2011, Virleana has consistently provided our attorneys and clients with excellent service that is accurate, timely, and unflappable.

Virleana generally assists Glen Honig and Brigid Campo, helping with case management, calendaring, document preparation, and discovery among other things. Virleana is regarded as a valuable and respected employee. We appreciate everything you do for us and our clients, Virleana.

Speaking about her mom in a previous interview, the Daily Mail quoted Williams as saying;

‘It was hard, I sat down and talked to everybody in my circle, my family and everybody close to me,’ Williams said. 

‘My mom was just like, whatever’s your decision, I’m behind you. It was hard. Football is my life and coming off a championship and wanting a repeat — and I know they’re going to handle that — but at the end of the day, it was something personal I had to handle.’

Despite being a working, single parent, Alexander still found the time to help Williams and his brothers with their homework. 

‘She has done everything by herself,’ a young Williams told the Union-Tribune in 2009. ‘I don’t know how she does it. My mom helps me and my little brother (Xavier Alexander) with our homework, but my other brother, Delvin Alexander, doesn’t need any help. He’s the smart one.’ 

Meanwhile, Alexander hasn’t missed a game involving her two oldest sons (Delvin plays on the junior varsity). Damien knows his biggest fan will be in the stands, which makes him work that much harder. He set the school record for one season, with 2,033 rushing yards.

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