What Is Spencer Howard Salary: How Much Does Spencer Howard Make?

Howard, a second-round choice out of Cal Poly San Luis Obispo in 2017, had a breakout year in his second full season as a pro, posting a 2.03 ERA between high-A and AA, as well as a couple of starts in the complex league.

He shot up the prospect rankings, landing in the top 50 prospects in baseball. Howard made six starts for the Phillies in the COVID season of 2020, pitching poorly but still being considered a top 50 talent.

 Spencer Howard
Spencer Howard

You may recall that Crouse’s inclusion caused quite a stir. From time to time, we discuss the idea of putting a weaker prospect in a trade to receive a higher return, which is exactly what the Rangers did in this transaction.

Crouse, on the other hand, had developed into a fan favorite during his time with the Rangers and wasn’t seen as a lesser prospect at least not for someone like Spencer Howard.

Some claim that the gap between Crouse and Howard isn’t significant, and if that’s true, the Rangers made a bad decision.

Howard arrived in Texas and expressed his joy at having a fresh start, as well as the necessity of routine and how he was unable to establish one with the Phillies this season.

He subsequently failed to pitch well, was placed on the COVID injured list, and returned from the COVID injured list to continue to pitch poorly.

In 28 innings with the Phillies, he had a 5.72 ERA, while in 21 innings with the Rangers, he had a 9.70 ERA. That’s not the kind of performance that justifies the Rangers putting their money on the table in exchange for the deal they got.

How Much Does Spencer Howard Make?

Spencer Howard earns an annual average salary of $714,000.