Adam Wainwright Parents: Bill Wainwright And Nancy Wainwright

Adam Wainwright is a 40-year-old American baseball player for St. Louis Cardinals. He is married to Jenny Curry, they have four daughters and a boy, making five kids through adoption. Adam has one sibling called Trey Wainwright.

Adam Wainwright’s Father, Bill Wainwright.

Bill Wainwright was born on 24 November 1908 and passed away on 27 October 2000.

Bill Wainwright was raised in the East End of London, Stepney. He also studied chemistry at the Chelsea Polytechnic. From there, he joined the Communist Party Of Great Britain.

In the 1930s he was helping protect communist meetings from attacks from the British Union of Fascist, Oswald Mosley.

Within this era, he also managed to attain the position of National Organizer for the Youth Communist League and editor of challenge, its newspaper.

Wainwright retired from CPGBs executive council and was dropped as science editor for morning star but was reinstated after protests.

He opposed the dissolution of the CPGB after its dissolution, he joined its successor Democratic Left.

Adam Wainwright Mother: Nancy Wainwright

‘Nana,’ as her grandchildren call her is now working as a real estate agent. According to sources, this is a profession she had had to give up years ago to rear her two boys alone.

Nancy Wainwright, according to her son, Trey, “She seemed to have tailored her career for her boys It was more a means to what jobs gave her the most flexibility to allow her to be home when the kids got out of school or get the kids to sports practices or Boy Scouts or whatever we did,” Trey said.

Family ties seem to have helped natured Adam into the fine husband and father he is today.