Where Did Brett Toth Attend College: Where Did Brett Toth Attend High School?

Brett Toth is an offensive tackle for the National Football League’s (NFL) Philadelphia Eagles and a member of Arizona State University’s United States Army ROTC program.

He is a former Army Black Knights football player who now has access to professional athletic career opportunities thanks to updated Department of Defense of the United States regulations. Toth is a second lieutenant with delayed service in the American Army.

There was a 5-year service obligation when Toth enrolled at West Point. Nevertheless, during his stay, the policy was altered to 24 months.

There had been precedent for military school graduates to be permitted to postpone their 24-month service requirement, such as Joe Cardona of the 2015 NFL Draft, but in 2017, U.S. Secretary of Defense Jim Mattis reversed the policy to permit military service academy student-athlete graduates to postpone their assignments in order to investigate professional sports opportunities.

Austin Cutting, a 2019 NFL draft pick, became the first athlete to sign a professional contract after the new policy was implemented, as ordered by US President Donald Trump in June 2019.

Toth was assigned to Fort Leonard Wood in Missouri when he submitted his waiver application in August 2019. Toth names Josh McNary, Collin Mooney, and Alejandro Villanueva as his role models. Before receiving a deferment, Toth had completed a year of second lieutenant service.

Where Did Brett Toth Attend College?

College: Army

Where Did Brett Toth Attend High School?

High school: West Ashley