What is the loudest NFL stadium?

The NFL places a significant emphasis on having the home-field advantage. The crowd supporting the home team is often referred to as the “12th man,” and they have the potential to make a difference by making a deafening noise during the drives of the opposing team before calming down to allow their own squad to speak plainly.

Studies have shown that noise is harmful, as it can cause permanent cell damage and other health issues. It has been determined that noise levels of 125 dB or more are painful to the human ear.

At a National Football League stadium, this is not the case. Over eighty thousand yelling fans should give you some idea of the decibel level.

What is the loudest NFL stadium?

Arrowhead Stadium, Kansas City Chiefs. The fans of the Chiefs will be the first to tell you that their team is among the best in the NFL.

In a game in 2014, when there were only 76,416 people in attendance, the noise level at Arrowhead Stadium reached an amazing 142.2 decibels, making it the NFL’s all-time loudest stadium ever recorded.

Since then, there has not been another sports venue that has reached this height, but the Chief’s fans appear to be extremely close to breaking their record very soon