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Robinson Chirinos, full name Robinson David Chirinos González is a Venezuelan born professional baseball player who serves as a catcher for the Baltimore Orioles baseball team.

Robinson’s baseball career started in 2000 after the Chicago Cubs baseball team signed him into their team as an international free agent. He made his professional debut the following year playing for the AZL Cubs of the minor league.

Robinson played for the Chicago Cubs for over a decade before they traded him to the Tampa Bay Rays team in 2011. The Rays promoted him to the major leagues that same year they bought him. After playing with Rays for two years, they traded in April 2013 to the Texas Rangers baseball team.

In 2018, Robinson started playing for the Houston Astros after signing a one year contract with them. Upon the expiration of the contract, Robinson signed another one year contract, this time with the Texas Rangers in January 2020.

That same year, he was traded to the New York Mets and after that baseball season, Robinson signed a minor league contract with the New York Yankees team in February 2021. In July that same year, he signed a major league contract with the Chicago Cubs. A year later, the Baltimore Orioles signed a one-year contract with him.

Robinson Chirinos Age: How old is Robinson Chirinos?

Born June 5, 1984, Robinson Chirinos is  37 years old now.

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