What Is Davis Webb’s Salary: How Much Does Davis Webb Make?

The New York Giants began the week by adding quarterback Davis Webb to their roster by signing him to a reserve/future contract. These kinds of deals typically carry extraordinary incentive payouts on top.

It is hardly the kind of signing bonus that ensures he will have a spot on the team’s roster, but it is more than the standard amount for a future deal.

Among the futures contracts signed by the Giants this offseason, RB Antonio Williams’s $10k signing bonus is the second most.

Webb, who the Giants selected in the third round out of Cal in 2017, signed a one-year deal worth $1.035 million ($895K cap hit). 

After having a disappointing rookie season with the Giants, Webb spent 2018 with the New York Jets and then spent the previous three seasons serving as the backup quarterback for the Buffalo Bills. This is the reason why the Giants are so eager to bring him back.

How Much Does Davis Webb Make?

Davis Webb makes an average salary of $207,000. His salary comes as a contract that was signed with the Giants in 2022.