Tyler Matzek Age: How Old Is Tyler Matzek?

Tyler Matzek

Tyler Alexander Matzek is a baseball player who pitches for the Atlanta Braves baseball team. Tyler was born in Mission Viejo located in California in the United States of America. Tyler comes from a family of seven which includes his parents, Jeff Matzek and Kathy Matzek and five children including Tyler.

Tyler did not attend college as he was drafted after high school by the Colorado Rockies baseball team in 2009 in the first round of the 2009 MLB draft in the 11th overall selection.

He agreed and signed with the Rockies in August that year for a  $3.9 million signing bonus. After signing with the Rockies, Tyler was assigned to play in minor leagues for the team. He stayed with the Rockies till 2017 and throughout his stay with them, he was promoted to the major leagues in June 2014 and he made his MLB debut also on June 11, 2014, for the Rockies.

After he was let go by the Rockies, Tyler played in several teams up until 2020 when the Atlanta Braves purchased him from the Arizona Diamondbacks. He has been with the Diamondbacks since then pitching for the team.

Tyler Matzek Age: How Old Is Tyler Matzek?

Tyler is currently 31 years old. He was born on October 19 1990.