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Age: 24 yr
Height: 6-4
Weight: 190 lbs
Hits/Throws: R/R
Acquired: 2018 Draft – Round 4, LAA
RuleV: 2021


Physical Description

Long-legged frame, tall and slender. Shoulders should be straight and not overdeveloped. Strong torso and midsection. Long fingers and large hands.

Off the mound, he’s adaptable and quick. There are no heavy legged side-to-side movements. This is a good mover. Can put on weight above the belt almost anywhere and acquire traditional innings eating physique.


Delivery & Mechanics

From set until release, there are many movements and positions. Slowly open his hips and legs to face the batter and pitch.

A shrug organizes the hands at the start. Shoulder swivel influences release/control. Lots of steps, the time between them.

The finish is strong and steady throughout the lower half. Good follow-through behind/over the baseball.

Keeping one leg down while moving. All hand/wrist actions are the same. Keeps the ball away from the hitters’ eyes.


92-94. A good rise and finish is achieved by manipulating height and hand position. Placement is all over the place. Low spin rates.

For someone that tall, he overextends his back and shoulders in the FB and undercuts his attempts to get the ball down. He might be able to hit the striking zone’s periphery if he had a faster, more precise delivery. Rank: 50


Directly from the fingertips, it spins hard and sharply. The landing site and path are both well-controlled. Deceptive and camouflaged wrist thrusts can make this a real knee buckler when thrown from 79-83 mph.

Both the beginning and the end are equally important when it comes to confidence. Twelve to six percent. Rank:55


Most commonly used between the ages of 85 and 88. The spin is horizontal, but it’s quite flat, making it easy to get a hit on it.

Making an additional pitch is a smart move. This one is already here, but it requires some work and guidance. a well-timed ruse is employed.Rank:45

Control and Command

He has less control over the strike zone because he’s a tall pitcher with a complicated setup. Pushing the ball down or forcing wayward pitches up is the result of extending into a push. There are more problems on the vertical axis than on the horizontal.

This motion may be improved significantly if the lower and upper bodies were more coordinated during release.

There were still a total of 101 IPs with 120K in them. It’s evident from the 53 strikeouts and 1.42 WHIP that he had far too many runners in scoring position during his time on the mound. Rank: Control: 40 | Command: 30


A 2018 fourth-round draft pick with a high-quality breaking ball is on the market right now.

In Bradish, the Orioles pitching staff has a tall, lanky player who lacks the necessary balance to make the most of his height.

For the time being, it’s impossible to say whether his tendency to throw breaking balls works better as a reliever or an opener because of how much better his opponents hit him.

The ability to aim and find non-breaking balls isn’t as strong as it could be, despite the player’s good curve and natural deception.

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