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Is Dee Strange-Gordon The Same As Dee Gordon?

Both Dee Strange-Gordon and Dee Gordon are the Same Person. Dee Gordon’s full name is Devaris Strange-Gordon. Before 2008, he was recognized in his professional life by his entire name.

However, that year, a public address announcer for Missoula Osprey mispronounced his first and last names. After that, he made the decision to go by the name Dee Gordon throughout his professional life.

Dee Gordon

Devaris “Dee” Strange-Gordon is an American second baseman, shortstop, centre fielder and free agent at the moment. He has participated in games for the Washington Nationals, Seattle Mariners, Miami Marlins, Los Angeles Dodgers, and Miami.

He was the first player since Jackie Robinson in 1949 to lead the National League in both batting average and stolen bases in 2015.

He also topped the National League in all three categories in 2015. He was given an 80-game ban in 2016 for taking performance-enhancing substances.

During the 2008 season of the Major League Baseball Draft, the Los Angeles Dodgers selected Strange-Gordon in the fourth round of the draft.

He is the son of former Major League Baseball pitchers Tom Gordon and Devona Denise Strange, and he was born in Windermere, Florida. Avon Park High School,

Seminole Community College and Southeastern University are all located in central Florida. He played baseball at all three of these schools, much as his father did.