Alan Trejo Height: How Tall Is Alan Trejo?

Alan Trejo

Before ever appearing in a Triple-A game, Alan Trejo made his Colorado Rockies debut in 2021.

At shortstop, Trejo has always been known for his excellent defense, but he needed to improve his hitting. In 50 plate appearances, he struggled, hitting just .217/.260/.326 over the course of his 28 games at the MLB level.

At Triple-A Albuquerque, though, where he played 90 games, he hit .278/.324/.569 with 34 doubles, six triples, 17 home runs, and 72 RBI.

Alan Trejo
Alan Trejo

He would have hit 53 doubles, nine triples, 27 home runs, and 112 RBI in 650 plate appearances, or roughly a complete MLB season.

Honestly, the Rockies have their everyday shortstop of the future if he could replicate that at the MLB level.

However, there are significant differences between MLB stadiums and Triple-A West stadiums (the Pacific Coast League prior to 2020), as well as between confronting Triple-A pitching and MLB pitching.

Alan Trejo is expected to play more for the Colorado Rockies in 2022, according to ZiPS, but he will still have trouble at the plate.

He is predicted to hit .233/.275/.385, drive in 47 runs and have an OPS+ of 64. He is still anticipated to have an fWAR of 0.2 due to his defense, though.

ZiPS and other projection algorithms have a large margin of error for players with little to no MLB service time, which is an issue. Due to this, baseball is played on a field rather than being tossed into a computer spreadsheet.

However, it seems sensible that the Rockies are reluctant to give Trejo the daily shortstop duties. That’s one of the reasons they’ve at least considered using Ryan McMahon as a shortstop in 2021.

How Tall Is Alan Trejo?

Alan Trejo is 1.88 m tall.