Did Tanner Vallejo Play College Football: Where Did Tanner Vallejo Attend College and Highschool?

Tanner Vallejo, a linebacker in American football, is currently playing for the Arizona Cardinals in the NFL. On December 16th, 1994, he entered the world.

He went to school and played football at Boise State University. In the 2017 NFL Draft’s sixth round, the Buffalo Bills selected him to join their football club. Starting his professional football career with the Cleveland Browns,

Vallejo also suited up for the Washington Redskins. In his final year of high school competition for Nevada Union High School, Vallejo earned MaxPreps All-American recognition.

In addition to playing football for Nevada Union, he also played baseball for the school. Tanner’s grandfather was a native South American;

more specifically, he was Ecuadorian. In spite of the fact that Vallejo had 100 tackles as a sophomore at Boise State, his senior season of collegiate football had to be cut short because of wrist surgery.

That same year, he blocked two kicks in a game, helping the Broncos to a 28-0 victory. His quickness and ability to cause havoc in the defensive backfield were praised by Pro Football Focus.

Their scouting report for his final year was critical, noting that he was undersized and made few good tackles.

Where Did Tanner Vallejo Attend College and Highschool?

Vallejo graduated from Nevada Union High School. and then enrolled at Boise State University. Vallejo had 100 tackles as a sophomore in college, but he had to cut short his senior year of football to have wrist surgery.