Osa Odighizuwa Parents: Who Are Osa Odighizuwa Parents?

Osa Odighizuwa plays defensive tackle for the National Football League’s Dallas Cowboys. He is the younger brother of former New York Giants defensive end Owa Odighizuwa.  

Who Are Osa Odighizuwa Parents?

Osa Odighizuwa was born to parents of Nigerian descent. He was born to  Peter and Abieyuwa Odighizuwa.

Osa was the product of a mother who refused to allow the evil tide to engulf her children and who refused to have her sons be defined by the heinous deeds of their father. 

There was a lot that Osa needed to get through. Osa’s elder brother, Owa, and his second brother, Ighodaro, also known as Iggy by everyone, were sent to Nigeria when Owa was three years old and Iggy was two years old.

They were sent away by their heartbroken mother during the five-year separation that allowed the boys to escape the indignities of their parents’ failing marriage to each other. 

The marriage was in a precarious position. Peter was detained for allegedly assaulting and battering his wife, who suffered a cut above her right eye as a result of the altercation. 

Peter was notified that due to poor marks, he would be expelled from the Appalachian School of Law in his first year. He was armed with a.380 semiautomatic pistol and began firing as soon as he stepped into the campus in the coal-mining city of Grundy, Virginia.

Before he was taken down, he took the life of the dean of the university, another member of the staff, and one student. He also injured three other students.