Who is the only black NFL owner?

NFL players frequently describe the league’s owners as belonging to a wealthy, white boys’ club. They are not mistaken. There is now not a single NFL team owned by a black person.

Only two NFL owners are individuals of color. Buffalo Bills co-owner Kim Pegula is a woman of South Korean heritage.

Who is the only black NFL owner?
Who is the only black NFL owner?

Shahid Rafiq Khan, an American of Pakistani descent and owner of the Jaguars, is the other owner of color in the NFL, according to Forbes.
Other NFL owners are all white. Recognizing the lack of diversity among sports club owners.

The NFL is not the only organization that lacks diversity. Only one of the key owners of the NFL, NBA, and MLB, the three major American sports leagues, is black.

Michael Jordan, a sports legend and the main shareholder of the Charlotte Hornets, is that specific black owner. There are a few reasons why there aren’t more black owners of sports franchises.

Many people believe it has to do with the enormous sum of money required to buy a professional sports team. Sports lawyer Richard Roth sought to summarize the situation.

While it is true that there are far more white people in the top one percent, there are black sports enthusiasts who, if they can locate one, have the money to buy a sports franchise. The NFL, NBA, and MLB each have a finite number of franchises.