Is Didi Gregorius Still Playing Baseball?

Is Didi Gregorius Still Playing Baseball?

Yes, Didi Gregorius is still Playing Baseball.

Didi Gregorius’ lackluster performances and welcome from Phillies fans since his acquisition in the 2019 offseason have made him a standout.

In his debut season with the Phillies, Gregorius had a.284 hitting average and an OPS of.827, making him the team’s second-best hitter.

Didi Gregorius
Didi Gregorius

Gregorius, on the other hand, had a career year in 2021, registering career lows in multiple categories, including batting average (.209), on-base percentage (.270), and on-base percentage (OPS) (.639).

After turning 32 in 2022, Gregorius has a long road ahead of him to reclaim his former status on the team, much alone make it to the 2023 season.

His cause will benefit greatly if he can regain his attacking consistency. Gregorius’ five-year stay with the Yankees saw him hit .269/.313/.446 with 97 home runs as a result of this consistency.

Phillies President Dave Dombrowski may be open to offering Gregorius a new deal if the shortstop can match his individual season stats from the Bronx.

Fielding is another area where Gregorius has to improve. Granted, his defense is not well-known, but in 2021 he had a career-high 18 errors, the most of any Philadelphia player. -10 DRS was a career low for him as well.

Gregorius is already the subject of much speculation, and it’s likely that he won’t even start on Opening Day.

There are a number of areas where Gregorius needs to improve his consistency before he can even think about staying in Philadelphia, let alone continuing his career at all.

The Phillies have various choices if Dombrowski fails, including Bryson Stott and a bevy of free agents in the offseason.