What Is Derek Hill Salary: How Much Does Derek Hill Make?

Derek Hill may no longer be a top prospect, and his flaws are well-known, but the Detroit Tigers don’t appear to be given up on him just yet. This raises the question of whether Hill has a chance to play in the major leagues.

Hill re-entered Tigers fans’ minds this July after receiving plenty of playing time and attention at the team’s Summer Camp.

Derek Hill
Derek Hill

Rogelio Castillo, a Site Co-Expert, deconstructed his attempt to make the squad, which fell short on Opening Day but remains a viable option as the season progresses.

Hill is regarded as a strong center field defender, a skill that will be especially valuable in Comerica Park’s wide surroundings.

Hill passes the eye test despite the lack of advanced fielding data available at the minor league level. He’s become accustomed to making highlight-reel plays like this:

Hill had a range factor per nine innings of 2.35 for Erie in 2019, which was below average for MLB center fielders and below the marks achieved by Jacoby Jones and Harold Castro in the same year.

However, it’s difficult to see that as a red flag, so we’ll give him the benefit of the doubt for the time being.

How Much Does Derek Hill Make?

Derek Hill earns an annual salary of $704,900.