Is Kyle Hamilton in Mensa?

Hamilton was able to consistently toss a plastic baseball on target at the age of 2. Hamilton played his first season of football at age 6, tossing touchdown passes and dashing through collisions. Hamilton won his first basketball scholarship to play in college at Tulane when he was 15 years old.

Kyle Hamilton’s brother Tyler, who is four years older, was also quite an athlete. He received a basketball scholarship from the University of Pennsylvania before transferring as a graduate student at William & Mary. But for Kyle, everything came naturally.

Kyle has a seemingly limitless variety of abilities. He began outperforming his older brother in “Call of Duty” video games at a young age. He is skilled in ping pong, pool, and bowling. The newest leisure activity that Kyle consistently dominates is golf.

This year, when Kyle went home for the summer, he played golf almost every day. Kyle Hamilton, according to his father Derrek Hamilton, plays golf with a 6-handicap. 

It shouldn’t come as a surprise that Tyler and Kyle are both athletic. Their father played basketball professionally overseas for more than ten years and was a star at the University of Southern Mississippi. He was also selected in the third round of the 1988 NBA Draft.

Jackie, their mother, also instilled in them a love of learning and the arts. Jackie was a high-end painter who specialized in faux finishes, murals, and furniture before switching careers to work as an HR manager for a marketing firm.

When Kyle was younger, he dabbled in painting a little bit. Some of his pieces still hang in Jackie’s home because his school chose them to be displayed at a nearby museum.

Is Kyle Hamilton in Mensa?

Kyle Hamilton, a member of Mensa International, is an absolute genius. People who receive scores in the top two percent on an approved intelligence test are recognized by the Mensa Organization. Kyle’s ACT score of 30 confirmed his Mensa credentials.