Tomás Nido Age: How Old Is Tomás Nido?

Tomás Nido

Tomás E. Nido Vicéns is a Major League Baseball catcher from Puerto Rico. In 2017, he debuted in the major leagues.

How Old Is Tomás Nido?

Tomás Nido was born on April 12, 1994. Nido is 27 years old.


Nido is the product of two Puerto Rican sports families that have competed at the world level.

His father, Tomás Nido Sr. earned a tennis medal in the 1982 Central American and Caribbean Games, and his mother, Liana Vicens, was a multi-sport athlete who competed in the 1968 Summer Olympics as a swimmer (at the age of 11).

He is also the great-grandson of Enrique Vicéns, a former player of the Puerto Rican national basketball team.

FIBA World Champion Juan “Pachón” Vicéns is his great-uncle, and they have a close relationship.

Sports were a family affair for both his uncles, Michael Vicens and Miguel Nido; (in basketball and tennis respectively). Coquito Vicens, a tennis player, was another.

Guaynabo, Puerto Rico is where Nido was born. He was raised in Oviedo, Florida, according to

According to Baseball America, Nido traveled to Florida, particularly so that he could participate in high school baseball in the United States, where he stayed with the family of one of his teammates.

He traveled to Florida with his mother while the rest of his family, including his sisters, stayed behind in Puerto Rico when that teammate graduated.