Is Michael Clemons good?

Clemons was the number five ranked Texas recruit in the 2017 cycle and a three-star recruit out of Sachse High School in Sachse, Texas. He had transferred to the University of San Francisco from Cisco Junior College.

Clemons’ foot injury kept him out of action for the entire 2018 campaign. After the foot injury, he played for three more years without any problems. However, the leg injury he sustained in 2019 limited him to just five starts in 2020.

There is a history between Clemons and the load he currently carries. In the summer of 2021, he was apprehended and charged with operating a vehicle without a valid license, carrying a concealed firearm, failing to identify himself, and possessing less than two ounces of marijuana. After serving his suspension, Clemons played against Colorado in week two.

Clemons had a stellar senior year for the Aggies, compiling a total of 19 STOPS, 17 tackles, 46 pressures, 8 sacks, and 27 hurries. His final stats at Texas A&M were 50 stops, 57 tackles, 85 pressures, 16 sacks, and 46 hurries.

Is Michael Clemons good?

Michael Clemons Strengths

  • Very strong and sculpted physique
  • Extensive limbs, excellent utilization of length
  • Superb athlete; swiftly narrows the field; little top heavy; exhibited some give when hit and capable of tight turns.
  • He plays with good initial leverage off the snap despite his size.
  • Excellent velocities and bursts all around
  • Keeps a low profile in the bull rush, which is impressive given his big legs. Good lower-body power.
  • Strong punch: strategic striking location in close quarters as a pass-rusher, delivered with an explosive hip thrust
  • Multiple, extremely forceful pass-rush moves
  • As a pass rusher, he has the ability to put together multiple movements and appears to have a game plan.
  • Has a number of defensive options
  • Uses a strong bull rush to conceal his quickness and sudden strength.
  • solidly navigates the space

While analyzing the other team’s offense on tape, Micheal Clemons stood out to me the most, followed closely by his colleague DeMarvin Leal. Clemons piqued my curiosity, and I began to watch more of his performances.

He has great length, strong, effective hands that startle OTs, and a terrific burst off the snap (when predicted well). I like how aggressively Clemons pressures the passer by swiping with both hands, converting speed to strength, having inside counter moves, and being flexible enough to execute spin plays.

He can improve as a run defender but is already effective. In a 4-3, EVEN front, Clemons has the potential to start on all three downs. But we must examine their injuries and personalities.